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The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

In episode #178 of The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast, our guest Sabrina Vedete Elmaliah talks about Yoni Steams for Fertility and Hormones.

More about Sabrina Vedete Elmaliah:

Sabrina Vedete Elmaliah, M.A.; is the Founder of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, a leading brand in herbal wellness. She is a Vaginal Steam Therapist, Sensual Arts Guide and published writer committed to healing the wombs of the divine feminine for children to birth into this life free of trauma. Her work is yoni centric and focuses on healing deep wounds to release ecstatic bliss. She is a Ceremonialist who shares the benefits of ancient womens medicine traditions through Sacred Ritual, Temple Dance and Nature Therapy to unlock our passion and purpose with private clientele and in workshops and retreats around the world.

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