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The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast

May 17, 2022

In episode #169 of The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast, our guest Dr. Sasha Hakman talks about Exercise and Your Fertility.

More about Dr. Sasha Hakman:

Dr. Sasha Hakman completed her OBGYN residency training at Michigan State University/Providence Hospital and fellowship training in reproductive endocrinology at the medical college of Georgia where some of the pioneers of her field trained- fun fact, this is where the use of Clomid for ovulation induction was discovered! She is also a big on weight training and planning to work towards competitive bodybuilding postpartum! She loves focusing on nutrition and exercise to improve overall health and fertility outcomes. She has a personal history of PCOS and all my knowledge and lifestyle philosophy has helped improve her symptoms significantly and she's on a mission to help other women, particularly with PCOS to do the same.

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