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The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

In episode #204 of The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast, our guest Dr. Tabatha Barber talks about Functional Gynecology and Hormone Imbalance.

More about Dr. Tabatha Barber:

Dr. Tabatha Barber is triple board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, and functional medicine. She has the unique situation of being licensed to practice medicine in over half the country, so you now have the ability to work with a functional physician virtually. She is the host of The Gutsy Gynecologist Show; where she shares her wisdom and unique perspective with women everywhere to reclaim their health. She is also a keynote speaker, mentor, wife, mom, and grandma! By incorporating functional medicine into her women’s health practice, she is able to provide women with the tools they need to optimize their health and happiness, which, in turn, allows those women to pursue their purpose in life.

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